Drosera Darwinensis

Drosera darwinensis –

is a perennial carnivorous plant that grows in clayey sand typically covered with a layer of laterite. This species is found in Berrimah, Berry Springs, Daly River, Humpty Doo, Litchfield, Palmerston, Tumbling Waters of south of Darwin, and east to Humpty Doo of Northern Territory, Australia.

Its green, red to purple petioles are oblanceolate in shape and arranged in one flat rosette from the root. The lamina is orbicular in shape and the colors can be pale red, red, pale orange, or orange. The glandular tentacles on the upper surface of the lamina are longer at the edge and shorter in the center, with pubescent hairs on the underneath surface.

The inflorescence reaches 6″ in height and can produce more
than 25 white or pink crowded flowers during the months of December and April. The scape and the lower surface of the sepals are densely covered with thick, white dendritic hairs. D. darwinensis is closely related to D. brevicornis, but differs from that species by its shorter inflorescence (2– 6 inches long in D. darwinensis and 12–16 inches long in D. brevicornis).

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